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Arilynne Barks, also known as Living in a box house has been creating and performing her music for the past three years. The pureness in her unique voice will fill every space and leave the listener feeling her undeniable love for music long after the performance is over. This multi-instrumentalist has been inspired by the works of David Bowie, <>. Arilynne is a classically trained vocalist and started her journey off in Prince George’s local Bel Canto Choir which she is still actively a part of and plans to head to England with the choir next year. She was a finalist in The 2016 Limelight Quest Competition and has since then performed at Prince George events & venues such as: Shiraz Cafe, Two Rivers Art Gallery, Coldsnap Chilli fest, Cougars Buskers Corner, I Heart PG Downtown appreciation night, 99.3 The Drive, PG Humane Society Galla and others. She is always humming a tune, dreaming up song lyrics, and planning her next on stage performance.
Barks is currently recording her first EP at Cheslatta Records at the age of 16.