Making music is part of being alive.

This is a firm belief of Dawn Boudreau, creator of Limelight Quest Academy & Competitions. “We should all make music,” she is heard to say often, “Everyone should sing!”

Helping individuals tap into the music within them is something that fuels this teacher’s passion.

Dawn first discovered this passion for teaching when coordinating the choirs for her school following her own high school graduation in 1989. After having her own children, she took up the task again. She loved leading the choirs, but felt inadequate many times because of her own lack of music education. She was mostly self-taught at the time and had learned through her own performances. She had been writing songs, accompanying herself on piano since her teen years, and in 1999 a love for the passionate singers and players of jazz began to develop in this somewhat sheltered musician.

In 2000, Dawn obtained a chorus role in her first community musical theatre production,the Scottish-based musical Brigadoon in Prince George under the direction of Bonnie Mathers (now Leach) at her budding dance company Excalibur. This experience led to a new obsession and a whole new community of like-minded friends for Dawn, and as she dug into the repertoire of musical theatre, she saw how many of those tunes had become jazz standards. She began to seek out opportunities to perform jazz in Prince George, teaming up with pianist David Sproule.

In 2002, a new opportunity arose for Dawn. She was asked to start teaching private voice lessons at a music studio called B&B Music. Now, this left her feeling even more inadequate, but the owner of the studio thought she had the personality and practical experience to tackle the job. As she began to gain more students, she realized that she did in fact have lessons to speak into the lives of young singers. As her own self-education continued in an effort to meet the needs of her growing student base, her popularity grew. In 2008, she started her own home studio where she continued to teach full time with a steady waiting list of students who wanted to study with her. Students and families loved the focus of this teacher on performing and creating performance opportunities for them.

In 2012, after ten years of teaching, Dawn decided it was time to look after her own education. All her children were grown, so she closed the Prince George studio, Dawn Boudreau Music, and moved to Vancouver, BC. There she embarked on the pursuit of a Bachelor of Music degree in jazz studies at Capilano University in North Vancouver. After four years of learning, Dawn Boudreau has completed her BMus in 2016 at the age of 43, proving it’s never too late to learn! She is thrilled and feeling full of good music knowledge and ready to share.