Limelight Quest Competition Rules

  1. Limelight Quest Competition is a competition for solo singers. There are no auditions, but contestants SHOULD be a resident of Prince George and area for at least 6 months of the year because of the nature of the prizes (local performance opportunities, etc.).
  2. Contestants must be aged 13+.
  3. Sign up will be first come, first entered, to a maximum of 32 contestants. $35 contestant entrance fee is payable on sign up. If there are more than 32 entrants, anyone who signs up beyond the 32 will be held in order on a waiting list and will be contacted if someone has to drop their spot.
  4. Individuals who have won first place in Limelight Quest or Prince George Idol in a previous year may NOT enter the competition. (Once you have a win, let someone else have a go!)  Individuals who have placed second, third or fourth may not enter in the year following their win, but may enter in subsequent years.
  5. Preliminary rounds: Contestants will prepare 2 separate musical performances. Accompaniment can be either a karaoke track on a CD, a single instrument played by the performer, or a single instrument played by a separate accompanist. Instruments must be provided by the contestant.
  6. Semi-finals: Four Performers will advance from each of the preliminary rounds, which will then be divided into 2 semi-final rounds. Four performers from each semi final will advance to the final. The top four finalists will be awarded the prize packages.
  7. Contestants will perform twice each evening. The order of performers is determined by random draw on arrival at the venue. In the specified order, each contestant performs one song. Then after a brief intermission, they perform their second song in that same order. There is an outside entertainer while the ballots are cast, and a slideshow of the contestants plays during this performance to remind the audience of the names and faces of their choices.
  8. This contest will be judged by the audience. Audience members will be asked to choose the top four performers in order of their favourites with 1 being most favoured. All ballots not containing four performers will be discarded. Four points are awarded for favourite performer, three points for second favourite performer, 2 points for third favourite and 1 point for fourth favourite.

Here’s an example: 50 audience ballots are counted. Performer1 gets 10 firsts 10 seconds 5 thirds and 25 fourths for a total of 110 points. Performer2 gets 2 firsts 28 seconds 10 thirds and 10 fourths for a total of 122 points and the win.

A tie break will be decided by the largest number of first favourite votes. So it’s still very important to bring people to vote for you because the top four move on so if you’re Performer1 you still will move through to the next round.