Terence Wendenburg has been playing music for 15 years and working in the Vancouver music scene for sometime. Growing up in Penticton, he kept close to fellow musicians and was always passionate about going deeper into the understanding of drums. He has acquired 2 bachelor degrees in Jazz and Education from Capilano University and UBC, respectively. On top of freelancing, Terence plays with 4 local bands (Nikita Afonso, Stetson Road, Here North There, The Coal Rollers) and has experience in playing venues, musicals, recitals, festivals, studios, music videos, and private events. During the day, Terence works as a TOC for the VSB and believes in the power of learning and works hard to teach young minds what they can accomplish with grit, perseverance, and a positive attitude on life. By night, he works hard with his other bands and his own musical pursuits. Further understanding the music business, Terence dreams of performing music around the world and wants to share with others the power music has for him.